Why Choose my Creations

Bohemian at Heart's products are hand-crafted either by Dianne or other artisans with love - which means that you are purchasing a unique, just for you item. Products sourced from overseas are selected because they are also hand-crafted, Fair Trade and eco-friendly. 

Bohemian at Heart believes in supporting our earth by fixing or repurposing materials and items - not throwing them away, and choosing natural, breathable fabrics.

Bohemian at Heart also believes in holding onto the things that give you joy or make you feel good so Dianne includes Care Instructions for each item so that you or the person you are gifting them to, can continue to enjoy them for as long as you want.  

* Bohemian - this style of dressing and decor is one of an eclectic mix of colourful, unique creations. Usually one that gives a feeling of relaxed comfort. It allows for a freedom of expression that says "I don't give a toss what you think, I'll wear, decorate how I want and own it!" *

About Me


Store Owner

I have always been a hippie at heart. My home is very eclectic and colourful and I have always repurposed things or given them my own twist of style. I love a mix of vintage and hippie, batik, crochet, retro, wood, crochet doilies, colour and plants - inside and in the garden.

I have also always rented so I have become very adept at adapting a house to my look and vibe. It is so easy to do this by introducing colour using throws, cushions, wall art, curtains, plants and interesting or quirky containers and ornaments. 

I love Bohemian at Heart's stall. 

The mandala products are amazing. I use them on my massage table and get so many compliments. I love that they are Fair Trade products and 100% Indian cotton. Would highly recommend buying some of Dianne's products to brighten up your life. Thank you for the great customer service as well.

Tarryn Meason
Seasoul Gypsy


Available online and at various markets around the Perth metro area of Western Australia. 

* Like my FB page for details of markets Bohemian at Heart will be attending or please call/msg for a viewing time.

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